1: What does SkillSign do?
SkillSign is a leading skill assessment firm with more than 12 thousand existing users. SkillSign has a single objective: To provide Competency Based Assessment of a person for a particular skill or role.

2: Who are the people behind SkillSign?
People behind SkillSign come with decades of experience in education, consulting, technology and assessment domains in Europe, US and India. We are passionate about improving skills and guiding people to help them Move UpTM their career!

3: How many different types of tests are there at SkillSign?
  • Skill Assessment
  • Test prep (GRE,GMAT,SAT etc)
  • Certification practice tests (PMP, OCA, ITIL... etc)
  • Role and skill based Test Packs
  • Academic learning and aptitude tests
  • Employer recruitment screening and employee assessment tests
  • We continue to add tests in existing and new categories based on changing business and student needs.
4: What is a ScoreCard?
ScoreCard provides you the result of your test attempt with all the details. You can copy, save or email it to anyone. If you wish, you can also others to view your particular ScoreCard on SkillSign site to assess your competency by making that test Public.

5: How will SkillSign tests help me get a new or better job?
SkillSign tests help test-takers in assessing and improving their job-specific skills. You will have a better idea of your relative standing in the employment sector. Many companies use SkillSign ScoreCards as an input in employment screening criteria or take advantage of SkillSign hosted testing service for job applicant evaluation.

6: How long are SkillSign ScoreCards valid?
Your SkillSign ScoreCard remains valid for 2 years, after that your online ScoreCards will be marked with the 'expired'stamp. SkillSign updates its test content continuously to align with the changing business requirement and wants to ensure that you also stay on top of the latest skill definition.You can take the same test again free of cost for ScoreCard renewal once after two years.

7: How do SkillSign ScoreCards compare to other assessment and certification courses?
SkillSign ScoreCards are of well-researched, standardized, robust, available 24x7 and cost much less. You can chose to share a SkillSign ScoreCard by adding its link to your resume, Facebook , Linkedin or any other website's profile. You don't have to go to a specific testing center at a pre-determined time to take a test, so SkillSign tests are really convenient to individuals, employees and employers.

8: How do prospective employers validate a SkillSign ScoreCard?
Your shared ScoreCard can be validated by a prospective employer by by clicking on a link provided by you in your resume, email or any website. The concerned organization can also approach SkillSign at services@skillsign.com for more details on your test attempt. However, we will share test details only if you have made the ScoreCard public..
9: What is a Test Plan?
A Test Plan is a scientifically designed set of tests to assess your competency in a single skill or role. You can buy Test Plans for more intense practice, at a very cost effective price. You also get more detailed reports with incremental progress as you take different tests.

10: I have a school/college/training center. How can I partner with SkillSign?
You can set up an academy at SkillSign.

1: Why Should I register at SkillSign
Registering with SkillSign allows you to take many more free tests, more detailed analytics of your results as well as gives you the benefit of regular promotional offers. On registration, results of any test that you take will be available 24x7 to you online.

2: I forgot my password. What do I do?
Go to www.SkillSign.com On clicking the "Log in" link, you will see "Forgot Password" option. After entering your email ID registered with us and clicking "Recover password", the system generates the logon ID and new password and sends it to your e-mail account. If you're still having trouble, contact us at services@skillsign.com with your full name as listed in our account. Please Note: your email registered with us is the primary identity proof. If that e-mail address is no longer active, SkillSign may need additional information to verify your identity.

3: Help - I cannot remember my user name.
Just send an email to services@skillsign.com and we will revert to you with simple instructions within 24 hours.

1: What is the price of a test?
A standard SkillSign assessment test costs $9.5, but many certification practice tests are available at different price points. In addition there are many beta tests available free of cost. These beta tests help us standardize the test for future use. You can also buy test packs at a discounted price.

2: What are the payment options available?
Secure Online transfer with Credit Card, Debit Card and Cash Card through
  • PayPal (World's most trusted Online Payment System)
  • CCAvenue (India's leading payment gateway)
  • Cheque and Bank/Demand Draft favoring "SkillSign Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd".
3: Is it safe to enter my credit card number online?
We use proven and secure with highest level of encryption payment gateways like PayPal and CCAvenue. SkillSign doesn't store any credit card or bank account information in its database.

4: What is your 'Privacy Policy'?
This policy talks about how SkillSign values and secures your data. We will never spam you or sell your data. You can read the full Blah on the home page (links available at the bottom bar)

5: I completed SkillSign test and would like detailed version of my results. How do I see that?
Please check "Test History" link after login.

6: I don't have a credit card or don't want to use it online. Can I mail a cheque or money order?
You can send us bank cheques in the name of 'SkillSign Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd'. Do make sure that you send cheque well in advance to ensure your registration is successful for paid services. Free tests are, of course are available any time!

7: How do I get a refund?
Just send an email to services@skillsign.com and we will revert to you with simple instructions within 24 hours.

8: How can I upgrade to another package?
Just send an email to services@skillsign.com and we will revert to you with simple instructions within 24 hours.

9: Can I pay for my associates and employees to take the SkillSign Tests?
Yes, of course! You can buy tests in their account name or contact sales@skillsign.com for details and offers.

10: Whom should I contact for a demo/support?
You have an online live demo of the test as well as ScoreCard. Contact SkillSign at sales@skillsign.com for more in-depth discussions.

1: Are there any rules for taking SkillSign tests?
In technical skill assessment tests, SkillSign encourages you to use reference study material during the test as we do not believe is assessing your rote learning ability. But as every test is time bound, you may not do well in the test if you do not know how to make effective use of the reference material. SkillSign strongly recommends you not to have any colleague or friend helping you during the test as it negates the basic purpose of assessing your skills. In other behavioral and analytical tests, you will get the best value if you take these tests without any help from your friends or study material

2: Will my work be saved if I get interrupted (Computer crash, electricity failure, internet connection loss) when taking the assessment? Can I restart a test if I got disconnected for any reason.
Yes. SkillSign test engine ensures almost real time data saving. Thus in case of system failures due to power outage or internet connectivity, you will be able to re-start the SkillSign assessment test at the same point whenever system is ready. However, please note that some third-party tests on SkillSign, conducted by academic institutes or prospective employers, may not be able restart as per their own policies. Please read the test rules carefully before taking a test.

3: Are there other language options besides English?
SkillSign supports primarily English at the moment.

4: How do I make a Test Result or ScoreCard public or from Public to Private?
After you log on the SkillSign site, click on "Test History". You will see a Checkbox for making a test result 'Public' next to every test that you have taken. If you want to make any test public, please select this check box and vice versa.

5: How do I share my test result or ScoreCard?
You can do so in many ways
  • Make your test result Public (you can do this on "Test History")and then share the SPIN or SkillSign Personal Identification Number with people and invite them to visit SkillSign.
  • Email your ScoreCard link on SkillSign and ask the recipients to view the ScoreCard by clicking on that link Share the Soft or hard copy of you test Scorecard
6: What is a SPIN or SkillSign Personal Identification Number?
SPIN or SkillSign Personal Identification Number is a unique Test ID for every attempt made. If you need any clarification, help or want to resume an incomplete test, you can use SPIN. You can also share SPIN if you want others to see your ScoreCard.

7: What is my chance of passing a SkillSign test?
You chance of passing a SkillSign test depends on your skill level and test preparation, among other things. On average, about 30% of all completed attempts pass SkillSign test. The average score in a typical SkillSign test is around 47%.

8: How many questions are there in a test?
Standard SkillSign assessment tests have 50 questions. However, certification practice, employer screening and other third-party tests can have any number of questions.

9: Is there negative marking in the SkillSign tests?
Standard SkillSign assessment tests have negative marking to discourage random attempts. However, certification practice, employer screening and other third-party tests may or may not have negative marking as decided by the particular certification or employer. Do read instructions at the start of the test carefully.

10: Does the time starts while reading the instructions or on start of first question?
Time starts when you see the first question.

11: What if I find an incorrect or misleading question in the test?
On each question, you will find an option to flag a question for review if you think there is a possible error. Thank you for helping us make our services better. We will get back to you earliest, if it affects your ScoreCard.

12: Can I go back and change my answers?
Standard SkillSign assessment tests do not allow you to go back and change answers. On others, it depends on the designer of a particular test. If going back to previous question is allowed, you will see a link to previous question on test screen. Do read instructions at the start of the test carefully.

1: What is My Dashboard?
On log on, you can access and manage all tests and ScoreCards from your account "My Dashboard". You can purchase, schedule and restart tests. You can also review your test performance and share your ScoreCards if you wish to do so.

2: Can SkillSign assessment results be used with my resume?
Of course, you can and you should! You can paste the online link for your scorecard in your resume for more credibility.

3: How do I add SkillSign scorecard link to my resume.
Any time after you have taken a test, go to "Test History" on logon. Go to the relevant test and make it public by selecting the checkbox. Now you can click on the "url" link, copy the URL and paste it in your resume or any other document.

4: How can SkillSign help me find a job that I like?
SkillSign is a trusted name in the industry. Once you have scored a good one, you can provide a public link in your resume to the future employers. You should also carry hard bound SkillSign certificate for the interviews in person for greater impact.

5: Do you help individuals find jobs?
Not yet but we do intend to very shortly. Thank you for reminding us!

6: I would like to put your link on my site. Who do I talk to?
Thank you for the offer. Contact SkillSign at sales@skillsign.com and we will get back to you at the earliest.

7: I would like to use this for employee and new hire assessment in my organisation. Who do I talk to?
SkillSign provide a full suite of readymade and Manage-it-yourself testing infrastructure that will meet any assessment need of your organization. Please contact sales@skillsign.com for details and offers.

8: What are the benefits of SkillSign from the employer's point of view?
Our skill assessment process is very efficient and cost-effective mechanism to pre-screen candidates before time intensive interview process.It helps in
  • Reducing recruitment administration and costs.
  • Identification of suitable candidates earlier in the process.
  • Easy capture of results for quick sorting and sifting.
9: For how long do you store my test data?
Your data is never deleted from our servers but to be practical, we will keep your data for at least the next 5 years.

1: What is an academy?
An academy is a test center owned by schools, colleges, tutors, coaching centers, government organizations or employers.

2: Why should I become member of academy?
By becoming member of an academy, you can access services offered by academies. You can take their free tests and test plans and buy if they are not free.

3: Can I become member of more than one academy?
Yes. You can become member of as many academies as you like.

4: What is an open academy?
Any SkillSign registered user can become member of an open academy.

5: What is moderated academy?
Academy owner needs to approve request for membership for a moderated academy.

6: What is a By-Invitation academy?
Academy administrator has chosen not to take membership requests. User can be added to closed academy directly by administrator only. By-Invitation academies will not be shown in Academy Directory.

7: How do I access multiple academies or switch academies?
Once you login, you will be logged into your default academy. Then you have an option of switching academy from My Academies Link.

8: Can I change my default landing academy?
Yes you can do it from your dashboard after login. Changes will be reflected on your next login.

9: I want to create and academy. How do I go about it?
You can sign up on one of our schemes to create an academy.

1: What does an academy administrator mean?
An academy administrator is the person who manages an academy, which includes creating question bank, tests, test plans, managing users etc. An administrator will also decide on pricing a test if needed.

2: Why should I create an academy in SkillSign I have lots of free tools which allow me to create online tests?
SkillSign is not just about providing you with facility to create online tests. SkillSign offers lots more.

3: How will payments made to me if users buy my tests from my academy?
Complete payments reports will be available to you from your dashboard on realtime basis. So you know, how many tests have been sold and when. SkillSign will make payments on weekly basis to you directly in your bank account.

4: How much time will it take for me to set up an academy?
It should not take you more that 10 minutes to set up. Once done you can directly start creating your question bank and tests.

5: Is there an option of bulk import of questions?
Yes. You can import excel directly.

6: I have my own users. Can I create them in my academy?
Yes you can import them in database. Once you do that, they will be intimated with login details on their registered email ids.

7: How do I organize users?
You can create user batches and track them in batches.

8: I don't want my tests to be visible to anyone except for my specific users.
You can do that by making a test private and assigning it to required users.

9: What is a test plan?
In one line test plan is a collection of tests in a defined sequence. A sequence has to be defined by administrator either by difficulty level or topic wise.

10: What are different types of questions SkillSign supports?
SkillSign supports following question types
  • Multiple Choice Questions (Single Answer)
  • Multiple Choice Questions (Multiple Answer)
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Numeric
  • Short Text
  • Descriptive
11: How does SkillSign evaluate descriptive questions?
SkillSign cannot evaluate descriptive questions, it allows adminstrator to review user answer and give marks. Complete scorecard is generated once admin completes evaluation.

12: I don't want my users to see scores as these are confidential.
You can do it by setting "Show Scorecard" to "No" in Test Configuration.

13: Do you support negative marking?
Yes we do. You can set it in Test Configuration.

14: I have to make lots of test of similar nature, can you help?
SkillSign has a concept of copy test. You task will be very easy with it.

15: What is a test configuration?
It is a template on which you can put content and test is created. This way once you have set test configuration once, you can reuse it to create similar tests quickly.

1: Which browsers are most suitable for viewing the site of taking SkillSign tests.
SkillSign is best viewed using Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 and higher or Mozilla 3.0 and higher. You may find some difficulty in accessing all pages on older versions like IE 7.0 or before.

2: Why can't I access SkillSign from office?
Your office or work site may have a firewall or proxy server to prevent accessing certain web site categories. Please contact your IT administrator for permissions to view SkillSign from your office. You can always access SkillSign from home or any public place.