Our Methodology

SkillSign's highly structured and proven Competency Based Assessment Methodology enables individuals and organizations to self assess and identify
  • different skills required by an individual to perform a certain role effectively.
  • skill gap and training requirement for the existing employees to perform a certain role.
  • resources needed to learn the pick the required skills in the shortest possible time.
  • relative position against their peer group.

Assessing individual's competence may seem to be an extremely difficult task in the dynamic and increasingly complex business environment; but the competency to perform skills in real work situations is critical in any role. SkillSign evaluates competency across three primary dimensions - Technical, Behavioral (interpersonal), and Analytical Thinking skills.
Being able to provide the tangible evidence that a person has specific, cross-functional skills needed for the job at hand provides self confidence to the individual and assurance to employers, customers, peers and other stakeholders that they have what is needed to do business.
SkillSign's Competency Based Assessment Methodology
  • Identify
  • Coach
  • Evaluate
  • Track
Underpinning the Methodology is the knowledge and understanding needed to meet the competency requirements in each role and ability to provide continuous self-paced feedback on the improvement achievement in every specific skill identified.


Understand your career goals and identify what skills are needed and where you stand in those skills.


Provide mentoring with calibrated content, self-paced tests and competent human guides to enable you to pick up the desired skills.


Structured and objective tests to benchmark you against your peers and help you gain certifications on those skills.


Once you gained the required skills, provides you with regular quick assessment tests and coaching feedback to enable you to keep pace with the new developments in the specific fields.

Many employers have discovered that assessing new employees and carrying out a 'gap analysis' of skills of the existing team, against the requirements defined either internally or by the customers, have enabled them to identify improvement opportunities, leading to real positive impact on the bottom line.
SkillSign provides a very structured and cost-effective infrastructure to accomplish the goal of ongoing assessment and improvement of individual competency.
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