RecruitPro: Online Candidate Screening

Our Beat-the-MonsterTM RecruitPro packages help you screen candidates faster on hundreds of skills from your branded online test academy. You can provide detailed assessment reports to clients and gain an edge on mass job portals and generic job consultants.

Increase your placement success and revenue by 24-150% with branded automated screening tests.
RecruitPro RecruitPro+
$149/ year $299/ year
200 test attempts/month 500 test attempts/month
Both RecruitPro packages include:

  • Annual subscription of proven test academy software
  • Instant candidate scores
  • Logo on every page
  • Two ready-made aptitude tests, detailed user, test and batch level reports
  • Ability to take test on any smart device and;
  • Ability to create any number of custom assessments
For complete features list, check SkillSign Feature Tour With SkillSign's value preposition, you can be sure of
  • Complete security of your data.
  • Absolutely no technical knowledge or infrastructure requirement.

Add-on Services

  • Readymade Tests
  • In addition to two free aptitude tests, you can build tests yourself in minutes. You can also
    subscribe to our proven tests on hundreds of skills.
10-Tests Pack 25-Tests Pack 50-Tests Pack
$250/year $450/year $750/year
  • SkillSign Secure Environment (SSE):
  • SkillSign SSE module can be downloaded on any computer to secure the testing environment and prevent cheating. Fully customisable.
  • Smartphones and Tabs:
  • Your tests can be taken on any smart device. Contact us if you are looking to create a branded Android app with your tests.
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