Name : Quick Test Professional 10.0 Free
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Description : SkillSign's QTP Sample test assesses your understanding and knowledge of HP QuickTest Professional 10.0 (QTP), helps you prepare for certification.
Difficulty Level : Intermediate
Price : Free
Syllabus :
This Test is meant for experienced programmers and covers the following topics: QTP introduction, Recording and Running tests, Creating scripts Using Key word view, Basic introduction to VBScript, Object Identification, Object repository, Configuring Object Identification, Smart Identification and class Mapping, Object Identification – Look Back, Virtual Objects, Check Points, Synchronization, Iterations and Actions, Libraries, Procedure, Debugging, Code Generation Utilities, Settings and Tools
Test Outline
  • Introduction to Automation
  • Recording and Running tests
  • Key word view
  • Object repository
  • Object Identification
  • Smart Identification and class Mapping
  • Configuring Object Identification
  • Virtual Objects
  • Object Identification
  • Check Points
  • Iterations and Actions
  • Introduction to VBScript
  • Synchronization
  • Code Generation Utilities
Important : 1. Total number of questions in test: 20
2. Total time for test: 20 mins
3. Maximum score for test: 20
4. Negative Marking: No